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Have you ever been intimidated by stories of people going to jail because they did not file their income taxes?  Actually, failure to file may not result in jail time; however, financially debilitating actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service can make you feel imprisoned.  You cannot afford to think consequences of not filing taxes cannot happen to you, or to someone you know.  The old adage “no news is good news” does not apply to the problem of owing the Internal Revenue Service.  Many months or years down the road, the Internal Revenue Service can and will locate you and begin the collection process for back taxes.

When you have unresolved tax debt issues, the Internal Revenue Service can file a case against you.  If they suspect and can prove intentional fraud, you can be sent to jail.  Most likely, they will begin with intimidating collection tactics such as wage garnishments or bank account levies to settle your tax debt.

If the Internal Revenue Service pursues a case against you, and you do not respond or attempt to settle your tax debt, you can be taken to court.  If you are found guilty of tax evasion, you can be put in jail for a year or more; at the same time you can be fined $20,000 – $25,000 for each year you neglected to file your income tax.  In some cases, sentencing can be up to 5 years.  Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service will impose extensive financial penalties, fees and fines on the outstanding tax debt.  Do you dare take a chance choosing to ignore the Internal Revenue Service, waiting for the 10-year Statute of Limitations to lapse?  The chances are great you will be located in time.

How will you know if the Internal Revenue Service plans to file criminal charges against you?  If the Internal Revenue Service informs you of your unfiled tax returns and advises you to respond by a certain date, do not ignore them.  If you do not respond in some way to the Internal Revenue Service, be concerned because you will soon be facing court.  The daily stress builds when waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to knock as your door.  Immediately contacting an IRS lawyer will ease your fears and help you stop the Internal Revenue Service from filing a criminal case against you in court.

Your IRS lawyer can help you resolve your tax problems by filing your past taxes, and by negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to set up a payment agreement.  You will be able to pay your tax debt and accrued penalties avoiding consequences of not filing taxes.

Tax debt then you can get you away from a prosecution as well as jail time.

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