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The Internal Revenue Service performs audits every year.  Perhaps this year you will be one of the lucky candidates selected for auditing.  Be informed and be prepared on what to do if you get audited.

Often the IRS claims the audit is just a random selection and not for the purpose of “catching” a taxpayer’s errors or lies.  In fact, if errors or misrepresentations are found your tax bill can increase greatly with the addition of fines and penalties.

You can plead your case over and over with the IRS and still not get a satisfactory result.  Although the IRS will listen, they will proceed with what they believe is correct.  If that is your situation, what can you do next?  If you have been unable to stop the IRS assessments of penalties and fines, you can file for an appeal.  By law you have the right to IRS audit representation, and can plead your case in court where your claims must be heard and considered by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Internal Revenue Service must accept your plea for appeal, but do not expect too much.  The appeals process can take months or years to get results.  In the meantime you stand to lose everything you have due to bank levies and property liens.  If you have been notified of an IRS audit, it is imperative to contact IRS audit representation to assist you with your case before the IRS.   Be on guard during an audit making sure you have your tax professional present.

An experienced team of tax professionals can:

  • Speak with the IRS on your behalf
  • Help you qualify for a tax relief program
  • Negotiate with the IRS to delay tax liens or lift bank account levies

Protect you from being intimidated by the IRS

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