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To avoid negative confrontation with the internal Revenue Service, it is important to keep them advised of your whereabouts.  Miscommunication between you and the Internal Revenue Service will lead to serious complications in effectively resolving your tax problems.  Good communication is especially critical when the IRS cannot reach you when they are trying to collect your taxes.  Even though you may believe you are successfully delaying facing your tax problems, not reporting your current address only waves a red flag and adds suspicion when the Internal Revenue Service cannot reach you or send you notices and details important to resolving your tax debt.

You will not gain anything if you are hiding tax return information from the Internal Revenue Service. Rather you will be losing even more money and property as tax penalties, fees and fines continue to add to your tax debt.  It is rare that the Internal Revenue Service cannot find you eventually.  It is best to face your tax problems right now.

Make certain that all information submitted to the Internal Revenue Service is accurate.  If you inadvertently present incorrect information to the Internal Revenue Service, you simply have to file an IRS form W-2 or 1099 with the corrected information.  This must be given to the Internal Revenue Service as well as to the Payer listed on the incorrect form so the Payer can correct your file.

It is important to ensure all tax return information and details are accurate, especially your current address.  Refunds and other notification will be delivered to the last known address found in your personal data.  Do not forget to include past employers when updating a new address.  Currently, the Internal Revenue Service computer system has been improved over last year’s system, making it easier for the Internal Revenue Service to get information.  They can easily access your records regarding past tax payments and any outstanding tax debt problems.

Many taxpayers suffer the consequences of reporting wrong tax return information that was not corrected in a timely manner. It can result in the Internal Revenue Service miscalculating your income and assessing a much larger amount of money owed the government.

Communication is the key to ensure all details about you are correct.  Make certain the Internal Revenue Service is immediately made aware of any incorrect reporting.  It is easy for the Internal Revenue Service to take control of your income and assets if they believe you defaulted or misrepresented the facts.

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