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Knowledge of your rights as a taxpayer and the understanding our tax laws will give you peace of mind and wisdom. You do not have to be an expert, but you do need to know the basics and the importance of taxes. Most importantly, you need to know who you can turn to for help and counsel.

Did you know it is considered a crime to not file a tax return if taxes are owed? In contrast, it is not considered a crime if you file your return and are unable to pay your taxes. The number one rule of tax law is “file your tax return”. If you cannot meet the April 15th deadline, you may request an extension and still be within the law.

Understand the basics of what the Internal Revenue Service is allowed to do. The IRS is a powerful government agency with deep resources. They have been given authority by Congress to collect federal income tax from all of America’s taxpayers; however they can make mistakes. Taxpayers have the right to appeal an IRS assessment. IRS tax relief programs are also available. Both actions can stop or delay serious IRS collection action such as wage garnishments or bank levies.

There are many books available regarding tax law written in language understandable to the lay person. You can also access a wealth of information online at All tax forms are available and can be downloaded.

Learn about communicating with the Internal Revenue Service. Be aware of the bureaucracy and red tape, the slowness of their computers, and the complexity of national and local communication between IRS offices. Connecting with the right person at the IRS can be difficult. Remember the response you get may not be the right one.

When in doubt, it is wise to contact a professional tax relief firm. Their expert teams of Federally Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and former IRS agents are skilled in IRS negotiations and current tax law. They can advise you of your options that can solve your tax debt problems.

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