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Did you file your taxes this year by April 15th?  What about last year?

If you failed to file this year’s taxes, you should file now.  It does not matter that you missed the deadline for filing. What’s important is initiating the first step in resolving your late tax return before the Internal Revenue Service flags your account as delinquent.  Even though you are unable to pay the full balance with interest and penalties added, you will establish a cooperative atmosphere with the Internal Revenue Service, a plus in negotiating a satisfactory resolution.

Do not wait for phone calls or notices from the Internal Revenue Service before you file past due taxes.  Make certain you are well represented by a tax expert, a professional  who is experienced in negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service and knowledgeable of the tax relief programs available to you.

You are not the only taxpayer having problems with the Internal Revenue Service.  There are thousands of individuals suffering the stress of owing delinquent taxes.  Perhaps you have not yet received any notices or calls from the Internal Revenue Service.  Maybe it has been a few years since you filed and you haven’t heard from the IRS.  Do not be fooled.  The Internal Revenue Service has many years to investigate tax records and pursue collection of all tax debt, including stiff penalties, fines and interest.  Call a tax professional now to discuss your situation. Your tax expert will be able help you resolve your late tax returns while protecting you from the serious and intimidating collection tactics used by the Internal Revenue Service.

There are many options available to eliminate outstanding tax debts.  As long as you are ready to compromise with the Internal Revenue Service to pay off your tax debt, you can become free of stress and worry.  Even though it may take time to pay your balance, your tax expert can negotiate a reasonable, affordable payment plan for you.  In some cases, the tax burden can be reduced, or penalties and fines can be eliminated.  You will not have to worry about bank levies or wage garnishments.

Do not make yourself vulnerable to the Internal Revenue Service just because you owe them money.  Know there are tax relief programs available to you.  Call a professional tax specialist who can ensure you receive the tax settlement plan that is right for you.  Remember, the internal Revenue Service is trained to collect as much as they can, while your tax expert is on your side to help you reach a feasible solution that you can manage.

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