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If you missed the cutoff date to submit your tax return from last year, you can still send it to the IRS now. According to Internal Revenue Service policy, taxpayers can submit late tax returns as long as there has been no IRS trouble or activity, i.e. no letter or notification from the IRS, or no pending tax cases against you.

The advantages of filing your tax return, no matter how late you are, are:

  • You will be able to apply for an IRS tax relief plan, and
  • You will demonstrate a willingness to resolve your tax debt, gaining IRS cooperation.

Many taxpayers have a difficult time understanding how important it is to file their tax return on time.  The primary reason for delayed filings is a lack of knowledge on how to file your taxes properly. Then people find themselves with serious tax delinquencies and increased debt. They are in need of a tax expert to assist them with their IRS audit.

As a taxpayer, you must be aware that paying taxes is an obligation for everyone.  The deadline is April 15th every year.  Do not wait until the last minute to organize your records and receipts.  Give yourself enough time to avoid omissions and mistakes.  The Internal Revenue Service has very strict guidelines.  Mistakes on your tax return can send up a “red flag” that can prompt an IRS audit.

Always remember millions of taxpayers are submitting their tax forms around the same timeframe.  Your documents can get lost.  Be sure to make copies of your tax forms, wage reports and receipts.  It is important to have copies in order to prove to the IRS you have submitted your tax return.  You will be able to support your reported information regarding income, expenses, contributions, etc.

What kind of IRS form s do you need? Most importantly your salary and wages forms W-2 and 1099.  These should be attached to your tax return to back up your income reporting.  Tax return forms can be obtained from your local IRS office, or you may get the forms on-line at

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