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Tax Relief is Possible

You may have heard of an Offer in Compromise (OIC) as a way of settling your tax debt with the IRS.  It is in fact one of the most popular IRS programs used for tax debt relief.  With an OIC a taxpayer offers to pay the IRS less than the full amount of the tax debt.  The agreed-upon balance can either be paid in one lump sum or in monthly payments until paid in full.

The OIC is an IRS tax debt relief program most delinquent taxpayers wish they could obtain.  It will greatly lighten your load if you have a large tax debt to pay. The IRS however has very strict requirements for those who want to apply for this program.  In fact only a small percentage of applicants will be granted IRS approval.

If you wish to apply for this debt relief program, you must complete an Offer in Compromise form and a Collection Information Sheet.  In addition, using a worksheet provided by the IRS you must present a detailed calculation of the payment amount you are offering to pay the IRS.  The IRS has specific criteria for evaluating OIC applications. Without the guidance of an experienced tax attorney in Wyoming, you may miss your opportunity to get the necessary acceptance.

Successful Tax Relief

The tax attorneys at Instant Tax Solutions are knowledgeable and experienced in all IRS tax relief programs.  Offering tax debt relief services in Wyoming, this company of tax professionals knows exactly what the IRS is looking for in an OIC application. These tax attorneys can prepare calculations that will merit IRS approval.  They can also represent you in negotiations with the IRS.   You will not need to worry about incorrect calculations or missing information destroying your chance to qualify.  You have an advocate to help you through the long process of qualifying for an OIC.  Let these tax professionals bring you peace of mind.

There are a variety of IRS tax relief plans available.  If you cannot qualify for an OIC, your tax attorney can recommend an alternative plan that will solve your tax debt problem. You will gain financial freedom.

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