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Stop Wage Garnishment with Instant Tax Solutions Washington

Tax debts are a big headache. If you did not pay your IRS taxes on time the penalties and interest that your tax will incur will initially worry you. If you fail to settle your tax debt after the  final date given to you by the IRS in their Demand for Payment you then will worry about receiving the IRS’ Final Notice of Intent to Levy and the Notice of Your Right to a Hearing which the IRS will send you in due time.  If you resort to inaction upon receipt of the notices the IRS will take more aggressive steps which will definitely cause you more difficulty and stress.

To collect payment for your tax debt the IRS has the legal authority to levy or seize your personal property.  A levy can be in the form of wage garnishment that allows the IRS to regularly take a portion of your salary until they have collected enough to pay for your entire tax debt.  With a wage garnishment you will be left with an amount based on your tax code that is barely enough to pay for your basic living necessities.  To illustrate, if you are married, receiving a monthly salary of $ 6,500, filing a joint return and claiming two exemptions the tax code only allows you to keep $ 1,625 of your salary each month.  The amount in excess of this amount which is $ 4,875 has to be remitted by your employer to the IRS each month until you have fully paid for your debt.

Wage garnishment can bring you and your family great distress. However it can be stopped.  There are professional tax help and debt relief companies in Washington with a wide experience in tax matters that can help you with your wage garnishment problems. With their expert knowledge on tax laws and your rights as a taxpayer, these tax attorneys know how to go about getting a wage garnishment released.  The can successfully negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so that you will be free from the stifling effects of wage garnishment and be granted an alternative solution to settle your tax debt.

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