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You Need a Tax Relief Professional

As a taxpayer you are expected to pay your taxes on before the deadline set by the IRS.  If you did not file a tax return or pay your IRS taxes, the IRS will begin legal action to collect your tax debt.  The IRS is authorized to impose a bank levy or property lien at any time; however, before initiating these serious steps you will be given a final chance to settle your unpaid IRS taxes.

You will be a sent a Demand for Payment which will give you a detailed computation of how much you owe.  This includes the tax amount plus penalties and interest incurred.  Payment must be made by the due date stated in the Demand.  Failure to act on the demand will result in more serious consequences. Expect to receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or Notice of Levy from the IRS.

Your Tax Attorney is on Your Side

The IRS is not like any creditor that you know. They have the legal right to take action against you to collect what is due them.  They have the power to place liens against your present personal assets as well as your future acquisitions until you have paid your tax debt in full.  They can issue a bank levy giving them power to take funds from your bank account.  They can garnish your wages leaving you with just enough for basic living expenses.

These actions can be prevented with the help of companies specializing in tax relief service in Utah.  Your tax relief expert is there to help you resolve your tax debt problems.  To stop the downward spiral of IRS collection action, tax attorneys can help you qualify for tax debt relief.  As experts in IRS guidelines, policies and programs they will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

You may be able to qualify for an IRS tax relief program that would allow you to completely settle your tax debt.  Your tax attorney can negotiate an IRS agreement that allows you make payments that are fair and affordable.  Or in some cases, they can assist you in qualifying for a tax reduction program.  With the tax attorneys at Instant Tax Solutions you can get a fresh start.

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