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Instant Tax Solutions Texas: Experienced in Offers in Compromise

Offer in Compromise – One of the Options

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is one of the many options a taxpayer can consider to finally resolve a tax debt.  An OIC is the only IRS tax relief program that allows you to settle your back IRS taxes for less than the actual amount you owe.  Although an Offer in Compromise provides a great relief to a burdened taxpayer, the process of qualifying is difficult and time-consuming. For a successful result, hire a tax attorney who offers tax debt relief services.

Tax Attorneys Working for You

There are a number of tax relief companies in Texas offering expert tax advice and debt relief services. The tax attorneys at Instant Tax Solutions can prepare your Offer in Compromise documentation and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.  With Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS agents on staff, this company can assure you of accurate documentation and professional representation before the IRS.  Licensed and authorized to negotiate with the IRS, these tax experts have significant expertise and extensive knowledge regarding the tax laws pertaining to IRS tax debts collection procedures.

Your debt relief expert understands how an application for an OIC is evaluated by the IRS.  They can accurately prepare all necessary supporting documentation to satisfy IRS criteria.  Your tax attorney will use his experience in IRS negotiations to obtain IRS approval for debt relief.  Many tax experts have a strong rapport with IRS Revenue officers, as well as all IRS divisions including the Appeals and Automated Collection Systems Division.

Choosing Your Tax Relief Service

Not all tax relief companies in Texas that advertise themselves as tax experts are worthy of your trust.  Make time to research the company you are considering.  Does their staff include the tax professionals noted above?  Have they assisted clients in obtaining an Offer in Compromise?  Read the testimonies of former clients.  Be aware of promises for quick results.  Processing an OIC typically takes one to two years.  You need a dedicated tax professional willing to work on your behalf for a year or two.

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