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Failure to File a Tax Return

The IRS relies on taxpayers to file returns and pay IRS taxes when due.  It is the job of the IRS to collect all delinquent taxes eventually.

If you did not file your return for the past year or several years, do not make the mistake of believing the IRS will forget about you.  Even though it may take a few years, the IRS will in time prepare tax returns (known as Substitute Returns) on your behalf.  They will base the amount of tax you owe on the earnings information available to them.  The chances are you will owe them more than you should because unknown tax deductions were not included.  The amount of IRS taxes they claim to be due is your liability unless you can successfully amend their information.

Substitute Tax Returns

With your Substitute Tax Returns on file, the IRS will send you a demand letter with a detailed computation of your taxes and applicable penalties and interest.  If you do not communicate with the IRS before the payment deadline stated in their demand letter, they will begin aggressive collection action to collect your tax debt. These actions can include a lien against your personal property, a wage garnishment or a bank levy.

Work with a Professional Tax Debt Relief Service

Not being able to pay your IRS taxes is painful enough.  But the inability to pay becomes worse as levies and liens are issued.  There are professional tax debt relief services available in South Dakota. The tax attorneys at Instant Tax Solutions are there to help you resolve your unpaid tax debt and relieve your stress and anxiety.

What if you do not have the cash to pay your IRS debts? What if you have a long list of deductions that you want the IRS to consider in their computation?  What if you feel you are not equipped to present your case in the manner required by the IRS? Can you qualify for an IRS tax debt relief programs?

Tax relief experts can answer these questions for you.  Your tax attorney is experienced in the tax debt relief process. Companies offering tax relief services in South Dakota are on your side.  It is their job to help you obtain a tax relief program that fits your financial situation.  If you need help to settle back taxes, let these tax attorneys assist you in finding a successful tax debt resolution.

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