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Instant Tax Solutions Rhode Island: Helping You Get a Fresh Start

Debt Consolidation Services Are Available

Are you worried about an IRS tax debt which is continuously incurring interest?  In today’s economy you are not alone.  Thousands of taxpayers all over the country are struggling with unsettled tax debts.  The sooner you settle your unpaid IRS taxes the smaller amount you will have to pay.  Tax lawyers in Rhode Island can help you apply for an IRS tax debt relief program.  By beginning IRS negotiations, you can prevent your tax debt from increasing.  You will be free from the threats of a bank levy or wage garnishment.

Ask a Tax Lawyer

The IRS offers a Fresh Start program aimed at helping delinquent taxpayers work out a payment plan or compromise with the agency.  You can finally settle your IRS taxes and avoid unfavorable consequences.

Smaller tax liabilities can sometimes be handled by the taxpayer alone.  To be able to present your case well before the IRS, research the IRS website for pertinent guidelines.  Once you have sufficient knowledge, make an appointment at the IRS office nearest you to work out a tax debt relief plan.

Tax debts for large amounts or tax debts involving many years of unfiled returns are best handled by tax lawyers.  Find a qualified debt consolidation service in Rhode Island to advise you of your options.  These tax professionals are experienced in IRS negotiations and are aware of the various tax relief plans available to you.  They are also adept at getting a bank levy lifted or a wage garnishment released.

Have a Qualified Debt Consolidation Team on Your Side

Professional tax debt relief companies have more than just extensive knowledge on tax laws and IRS guidelines and procedures.  They are experienced in IRS negotiations for successful tax debt relief settlement agreements.  A qualified team of tax experts is made up of Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS Agents, connected to local tax lawyers.  They are authorized to represent you on all levels with the IRS.

Exercise caution when choosing the debt consolidation company that will handle your tax debt. Not all companies that present themselves as experts can deliver what they promise. Get recommendations from people whose opinion and input you value.  Consult the Better Business Bureau for company ratings and customer complaints.

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