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Even though you are aware of your duty as citizens to pay IRS taxes, you can find yourself in a difficult financial situation.  You are unable to pay your IRS taxes before the annual tax deadline.  Overwhelmed with a large tax debt and unaware of your tax relief options, you are tempted to ignore your tax debt problems.  You will be in constant anxiety waiting for an IRS notice of a property lien or bank levy.  You can stop your tax debt problems from reaching this point.

It does not matter that you cannot pay your IRS taxes right away.  You must be proactive.  The sooner you address your situation, the easier it will be to resolve your tax liability.  Passively dealing with your tax debt will increase your financial difficulty.  Your tax debt will incur penalties and interest substantially increasing the amount you owe – and the amount due will continue to grow until you pay the balance in full.  Your best option is to immediately get advice from an Oregon tax attorney.  These Oregon tax professionals are knowledgeable in IRS tax laws and experienced in IRS debt relief programs.

Oregon Tax Attorneys at Work for You

Our qualified Oregon tax attorneys will lead you through the process to settle your tax debt despite your financial problems. They will carefully evaluate your personal and financial situation and offer a recommendation regarding the various IRS tax debt relief programs available.  Your tax expert can determine your ability to meet IRS qualifications for a tax debt settlement.  It is their goal to obtain the Oregon debt relief program best suited for you to ensure a successful tax debt resolution.

Oregon tax attorneys stay up to date with the ever-changing IRS tax laws.  An experienced tax specialist can accurately prepare all the necessary paperwork to support your request for a Oregon debt relief program.  There is no need to be anxious about having to talk with IRS collection agents.  Your tax team members are experts in IRS negotiations.  These Federally Enrolled Agents are authorized to represent you in all dealings with the IRS.

With the help of a professional company offering tax relief service in Oregon you will be able to free yourself from your tax debt.  They can determine if you qualify for a tax relief program that reduces the amount you owe.  Or, they may obtain IRS approval for an installment agreement with payments that are fair and affordable.   Without the services of tax debt relief consultants, you could miss your best opportunity for tax debt resolution.

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