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Instant Tax Solutions Oklahoma: Protecting You from Liens

Get Help from Tax Debt Relief Professionals

You may not have been able to pay your IRS taxes at the time you filed your return.  Perhaps you have a tax debt as a result of an IRS tax audit.  The IRS will send you a bill with a detailed account showing how much you owe.  Your total tax debt will include penalties, interest and possibly fines.  If you still do not pay your tax debt by the date indicated in the bill, you will then be sent a Notice of Intent to place a Federal Tax Lien on your property.

Dealing with an IRS Property Lien

A lien can be described as a claim against all your personal and business property.  The lien attaches not just to present assets but to also to future assets acquired during the duration of the lien.  Although a lien will not deprive you of ownership of your property, it can result in serious personal and financial complications which will negatively affect your credit.  You may also be temporarily prevented from liquidating any assets.

A lien cannot be easily discharged.  It will remain attached to your property until you have settled your entire tax debt.  The easiest and surest way to avoid a lien is to settle your tax debt quickly.  If a lien has already been attached to your property, the only way to have the lien discharged is to pay your tax debt in full.  If you do not have the financial ability to pay your IRS taxes, the IRS offers a variety of tax debt relief programs. These tax relief programs give taxpayers the opportunity to reduce their tax debts or make payments over a span of time.

Resolving Your Tax Debt Problem

Going through the process of discussions and negotiations with the IRS regarding a debt relief settlement is difficult and intimidating for the average taxpayer.  It is best to seek the advice and guidance of tax attorneys in Oklahoma. These tax relief specialists are experienced in obtaining an affordable debt relief program for you.  In addition, they can work with the IRS to have the lien discharged.  The tax relief team at Instant Tax Solutions in Oklahoma is ready to prepare all the necessary documents to satisfy IRS requirements. They will directly represent you in negotiations with the IRS.

A lien is a serious matter.  You need to do all you can to avoid it or get it discharged. Hiring tax attorneys who are experts in tax debt resolution will bring you successful results and peace of mind.

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