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Instant Tax Solutions North Dakota: Professional Help to Stop Bank Levy and Liens

A Tax Professional Can Help

If you filed your tax returns but made only a partial payment or no payment at all, you can expect IRS tax collection action.  The IRS has the legal power to issue a levy on your bank account to collect your IRS taxes.  A bank levy enables the IRS to take funds from your bank account until your tax debt if fully paid.   The IRS may also enforce further collection action by placing liens against your personal property as security against your unpaid tax debt.

Before a bank levy is issued or a lien is attached against your property, the IRS will send you notification through certified mail informing you of the pending action.  If you want to avoid the levy or the lien against your property, you must respond to the IRS by the due date stated in the notice.  To request a hearing regarding your tax collection case, IRS Form 12153 must be completed and submitted.  At this point it is to your advantage to consult with a tax attorney. There are a number of reputable IRS tax-relief help companies available in North Dakota.

Your Tax Attorney is on Your Side

With the help of these tax attorneys, a tax relief payment plan can be worked out with the IRS that will stop the levy.  Your tax specialist can represent you before the IRS in negotiations to resolve your tax problem.  The team of IRS tax-relief help experts at Instant Tax Solutions has extensive knowledge of the IRS tax code and tax laws. They are experienced in working with the IRS to obtain approval for a tax relief program that fits your financial circumstances.

Your tax attorney will first assess your financial status to determine the type of IRS tax-relief help you need.   They may recommend you take the Installment Agreement option which will allow you to make fair and affordable monthly payments until you have fully paid your tax debt. Another option is the Offer in Compromise (OIC) which allows you to request a reduction in the amount of IRS taxes you owe.  An OIC will be granted only if you can present ample proof you have no financial means to settle your IRS debt within a reasonable time frame.

Tax relief specialists in North Dakota are there to help you successfully resolve your tax problems.  They are able to prepare all pertinent documentation to help you qualify for IRS tax debt relief and regain your peace of mind.

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