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Choose a Qualified Tax Relief Service Company

To service the great number of taxpayers with tax debt problems that must be settled with the IRS, companies offering tax relief service in New York have multiplied. Actively promoting their different tax-related services in print and broadcast media, these companies guarantee debt consolidation to future clients.  Taxpayers staggering under the stress of owing IRS taxes are anxious for the relief promised.  This stress and anxiety can tempt taxpayers to believe the claims of advertising.

Be assured there are quality debt consolidation services and tax attorneys available in New York.  Instant Tax Solutions is one of those firms offering ethical, experienced assistance in obtaining tax debt resolutions.  The tax team at Instant Tax Solutions is there to educate you, advise you of the best tax debt relief program for you, and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.  A consultation with a qualified tax attorney will determine if you can qualify for one of the many IRS debt consolidation programs.  Be wary of any tax relief service that “guarantees” you will qualify for tax debt relief.

What You Should Know About Your Tax Relief Service

A tax debt of more than $25,000 may be difficult to settle without any third party assistance.  Your tax specialist will communicate with IRS collection agents and negotiate on your behalf.  Professional tax relief companies are made up of Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS Agents, with connections to tax attorneys in New York.  These debt consolidation professionals are authorized to represent taxpayers in consultations, discussions and negotiations with the IRS.

Before asking for any payment from you, your tax relief company should discuss with you the tax debt relief program they recommend for your particular situation.   The IRS has many tax relief options available.  An experienced tax attorney can determine if you are able to qualify for a particular tax debt solution.

A True Tax Professional

Tax relief companies generally ask for an upfront payment if you have decided to hire them.  Before signing any agreement, clarify all points regarding their refund policy and their default billing rate.  Keep in mind a high default billing rate will use up a large part of your initial payment even in the beginning stage of representation.

Although debt consolidation companies promise relief, not all of them have good intentions.  Posing as experts in tax laws some tax relief services exist to defraud clients who seek their assistance.  Complaints have been filed with the Federal Trade Commission against tax relief companies that did not provide refunds, made unauthorized withdrawals from their clients’ bank accounts and debited their clients’ credit cards for unauthorized charges.

Diligently research which companies offering IRS tax relief in New York are ethical, honest and experienced tax attorneys.  Read the testimonials of a company’s client history.  Check the company rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is an important step in obtaining tax debt consolidation from IRS tax debts.

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