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Tax Attorneys Offer Successful Tax Debt Resolution

An outstanding IRS tax debt can balloon quickly.  Unpaid IRS taxes continually incur on-going penalties and compounding interest making it more difficult for you to settle your tax debt as the months pass.  If your financial situation does not improve and you fail to pay taxes for the next year, you can be overwhelmed with impossible tax problems.  You will begin to receive IRS notices of intent to issue a Federal Tax Lien or a Bank Levy.

Receiving notices from the IRS does not mean there is nothing you can do.  There is hope. You can stop the IRS from imposing the bank levy or from placing liens on your personal property.  The IRS offers tax relief programs to help those who are in financial difficulties to settle their tax debts.  To be able to obtain IRS tax debt relief, you must be able to present substantial proof to the IRS to show you are qualified for a tax relief program.  Qualify and negotiating with the IRS is not easy.  You need a good accounting background and must be knowledgeable of IRS guidelines and regulations regarding IRS tax debt resolution.

Your Tax Attorney is Your Best Advocate

Taxpayers in New Hampshire burdened with tax debts and feel harassed by IRS notices will be relieved to know that there are reputable companies that offer tax relief service in New Hampshire.  Reliable tax relief service companies employ Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS Agents, connected with tax attorneys, authorized to represent you before the IRS.  Their experience and knowledge in IRS tax debt resolution can help you bring a final end to your IRS tax problems.

Upon review of your personal and financial situation, the tax attorneys at Instant Tax Solutions can determine which of the IRS tax relief settlement program best suits your financial situation.  They can recommend an affordable payment plan and work to obtain an Installment Agreement from the IRS on your behalf.  If your financial condition meets specific IRS requirements and guidelines, your tax professional can help you qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise which allows you to pay less than your total tax debt.

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