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Instant Tax Solutions Nebraska: Helping You Solve All Your Tax Problems

Tax Professionals Can Help You Avoid a Growing Tax Debt

IRS taxes must be paid every year by the April 15th deadline. This deadline also applies to the submission of requests for time extensions if you are unable to pay your taxes on time.  Stiff penalties will be assessed if you fail to file your tax return or pay your taxes on time, or if you fail to request an extension.  Although many taxpayers have legitimate reasons for not meeting the deadline, some mistakenly think they can put it off for a while.

Some taxpayers procrastinate because they have disorganized tax records that are time-consuming to put in order.  Taxpayers who have not kept up with their tax information throughout the year risk missing out on important deductions that could reduce their IRS taxes. If paperwork and organization are not your strong suits, take your tax information to a tax attorney in Nebraska to help you organize your tax records. Knowing what to expect before the tax deadline will help you prepare to meet your IRS tax obligations.

You may feel confident enough to handle your tax problem without the help of these tax attorneys. By working alone, you run the risk of omitting important tax information, overlooking valid tax deductions and missing deadlines.  Errors delay the final resolution of your tax debt while penalties and interest increase the amount you owe.

Your Tax Attorney Can Help with Levies and Liens

An unresolved tax debt can prompt serious IRS collection action such as a bank levy or property lien.  The IRS has the power to freeze your financial assets and place liens against your personal property. The tax team at Instant Tax Solutions can help you obtain tax debt relief and stop the downward spiral.

If you have already received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or a Notice of Levy, now is the time to call an IRS tax debt relief expert in Nebraska.  Your tax professional knows what steps to take to prevent of levy or lean. If the levy or lien has been issued, a tax attorney can work to have it lifted.

These tax professionals have extensive experience in obtaining IRS tax relief programs.  They are authorized to represent you before the IRS and are skilled in IRS negotiations.  They can work out a debt relief settlement with the IRS on your behalf to stop the IRS from imposing the levy or lien. No matter how simple or complex your tax problems are, consult with one of the many tax relief service companies available in Nebraska.

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