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Instant Tax Solutions Missouri: Negotiating for Tax Debt Freedom

People burdened with IRS tax debts react in many different ways.

  • For some, owing the IRS does not bother them.  They erroneously believe the IRS will not notice or be able to find them.  They choose to take no action at all and are frequently surprised years later.
  • There are those with sincere intentions to settle their tax debts but not financially capable of doing so.   They wait anxiously for IRS notices to come hoping they will have enough cash by that time to fully settle their tax debt.  Unfortunately, even if they have some cash, their tax debt has been increased by penalties and interest.
  • Some take the initiative to negotiate with the IRS alone but often are unsuccessful in their attempt to get tax debt relief.

No matter what your reaction is to your outstanding IRS back tax debts, sooner or later the IRS will demand payment for the taxes you owe.  The quicker you work on a tax debt settlement the better.  Procrastinating causes your tax debt to grow larger and larger as penalties and interest accrue.  Delaying debt relief also compels the IRS to take harsher collection actions such as wage garnishment or bank levy leading to more serious difficulties for you.

Problems and complications with tax debts can be avoided if you seek professional advice right away.  You do not have to wait for IRS notices to arrive before looking for a tax attorney in Missouri.  Debt relief services are here to help you deal with the IRS.  If you are filing your tax return late, you should have already consulted with one of these experts.  You need a tax attorney to represent you with the IRS and seek IRS tax relief in Missouri on your behalf. The tax team at Instant Tax Solutions consists of Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS Agents, connected to Missouri tax attorneys.  They are authorized to represent you in negotiations with the IRS and can help you obtain the debt relief program that will enable you to resolve your tax debt problems now.

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