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If you have an IRS tax debt you finally want to settle, you can handle the process yourself – that is if you feel confident you can present an accurate and complete proposal that will satisfy all of the requirements of the IRS.  To obtain a satisfactory proposal that will get the nod of the IRS, you need to have a solid understanding of IRS guidelines and procedures.   The average taxpayer generally has a very limited understanding of IRS practices and policies.  Because of this, many people would rather look for a company that specializes in tax debt settlement. There are many such companies in Maine that offer tax debt relief services.

Working with a competent company specializing in tax debt relief will ensure the accurate completion of complication forms and correct computations of your true tax liability.  Best of all benefits is the option to qualify for tax relief.  With their knowledge and experience in tax debt relief, tax attorneys can quickly assess your financial condition to determine the best tax relief program for you. Your tax specialist is knowledgeable of current tax debt relief programs offered by the IRS.  The professional tax team at Instant Tax Solutions can guide you in selecting which tax relief program is best to fully settle your IRS tax debt with manageable payment terms.

Be aware not all tax relief companies that advertise themselves to be tax experts are ethical, honest tax attorneys.  Some are CPAs who are familiar only with the filing of taxes.   A tax attorney in Maine may have minimal experience in actual tax debt settlement negotiations with the IRS.  Make the time to do ample research on the companies you are considering.  The staff at Instant Tax Solutions includes Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and former IRS Agents, with connections to Maine tax attorneys.  Determine their competence in handling tax debt matters.  Check the credentials of the company staff.  Check independent consumer reviews and the company’s rating from the Better Business Bureau.  All the effort that you put into research will definitely be worth it.

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