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Say goodbye to IRS tax debt for good, and let our expert staff serving Shreveport today help you.

Are you really living in Shreveport and having difficulty with all the Internal Revenue Service or state of Louisiana?

Have you not filed your tax returns for now you owe a significant amount of money and several years?

If so, our team of debt consolidation specialists can help you. Our firm is filled with tax attorneys, CPAs and registered federal agents that will help get you back on your own feet quickly and easily.

With thousands of satisfied clients all across the US, our business is the highest rated debt consolidation company in the BBB with an A rating that we have held for years. No other firm can match our customer service and expertise.

Our promise to you is to work quickly in order to get your financial life back on course. We are aware the more money that they take from you, the more difficult it is for you to live your life, and pay your normal monthly expenses.

We can eliminate any sort of bank levy tax lien, wage garnishment and much more from you account, in order to get back on your own feet. Our tax attorneys will work with you and fight the IRS on your behalf, so you can continue to live, work and be with your family.

Place financial trouble behind you for good and give our expert debt consolidation team serving Shreveport a call today.

No matter in the event that you just owe a few thousand to the IRS, or a great deal more, the top help you may get in your conflict with the IRS is a seasoned tax attorney.

A debt consolidation business with expertise along with an established history of success can mean the difference between only paying a small part of the entire amount or paying all that you owe.

We all know the very best applications, etiquette along with processes of coping with the IRS on a daily basis to receive the very best results for our clients, and cope with all them.

In the event you were interested about hiring a debt consolidation firm, then now is your chance to see how we can assist you.

We have got a team of CPAs, experienced tax attorneys and advisers standing by prepared to help in your tax needs.

No matter in case you simply owe the best help you’ll be able to get in your battle with the IRS to a couple thousand to the IRS, or a lot more, is a seasoned tax attorney.

An established track record of success as well as a Shreveport tax law firm with expertise can mean the difference between paying it that you merely owe, or merely paying a tiny part of the entire amount.

We all know the very best programs, procedures as well as manner of coping with the Internal Revenue Service on a daily basis to receive the greatest results for our clients, and cope with all them.

Then now is your chance to see how we can assist you, in the event you were interested about hiring a tax law company.

We’ve got a team of experienced lawyers, CPAs and consultants standing by, ready to help out anyone in Louisiana with tax problems.

Our Tax Attorneys Can Have Bank Levies and Your Tax Liens Removed Within 24-48 Hours

If the IRS has placed any bank levies or tax liens the best thing you might do is act in order to avoid any additional fees and interest charges from being added on. All of us in Shreveport is there that will help you remove either of the fast.

A tax lien is where the IRS actually takes legal ownership of property and your house to pay for the back taxes you owe. As long as they own it, it’s impossible to sell it, refinance it, or anything else until you’ve paid back your debt.

Our Shreveport debt consolidation pros can stop the harassing visits from the Internal Revenue Service Revenue Officials Once and For All

For those who have actually put off all of the IRS letters and notices they’ve sent to your home or business for too long, the IRS might even take the following step and send a revenue official to your home or employment. These people are often bullying and vicious, only trying to get back the money that you owe.

The Internal Revenue Service is the biggest collection agency on the planet, and has thousands of revenue officials, and billions of dollars set aside to pursue great folks like you. Do not let them get that far, and enable our Shreveport tax professionals to fight them on your behalf, so you can continue living your life.

The best way to save a ton of money in your back-tax debt is to qualify for an Offer in Compromise Agreement, and our Shreveport tax attorneys can show you how

An Offer in Compromise deal is one of the greatest ways to conserve a significant portion of your tax debt, which can sometimes be up to 95% off the total amount you owe. You’ll need to demonstrate substantial financial hardship and inability to completely pay back your tax debts to qualify for this program.

But be mindful though, as if you divulge too much information, not only will you not qualify for the offer in compromise deal, however they can add on added fees and interest on the basis of the information that you just gave them.

Our tax attorneys can walk you through the ins and outs of qualifying for this debt consolidation program, so you’ve got the best shot of becoming qualified.

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