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With thousands of taxpayers all over the country having tax related problems, tax relief companies actively advertise their services over the radio, television and the Internet with the promise of helping these taxpayers out of their distressful situation.  Some say that they can markedly reduce tax debt and offer free consultations to whoever needs tax advice.  Some guarantee to stop wage garnishments, levies, property seizures and even dramatically reduce monthly payments.

If you want third-party assistance to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, be certain the tax relief service professionals in Georgia you hire are real tax attorneys.  Your tax team should be comprised of Federally Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and retired IRS agents, with connection to tax attorneys as needed.  These professional are authorized to represent you in dealing with all IRS administrative levels.  Before you formally hire their services, it is important that you have a full consultation with them.  They should be able to explain all your options, your chances of qualifying for tax relief programs, and fees for their services. They should also be able to help you find debt relief programs in Georgia.

Tax relief companies will usually ask for an initial payment from you if they are to represent you in an IRS collection case.  In such a situation you have to carefully review their refund policy before you sign any agreement.  You also have to clarify if a default billing rate will apply in the event you cancel their company’s services.  Note that a high default billing rate may use up a huge part of your first payment even during very beginning of the representation.

Remember that not all those who advertise their companies as tax attorneys are indeed honest and reliable professionals. Cases of taxpayers filing complaints with the Federal Trade Commission are not rare.  Some of these companies do not provide refunds and leave their clients with a bigger debt.  Some companies even made unauthorized charges to their client’s credit cards or unauthorized withdrawals from their client’s bank accounts. It is therefore a wise move to first consult independent consumer groups for reviews or authorized agencies of the government for feedback on the different tax relief service companies in your area before entering an agreement with them.

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