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Successfully Resolve Past Tax Debts with Instant Tax Solutions Florida

If you have not been filing your tax returns and you estimate your tax debt to be more than $25,000, contact a Florida tax attorney immediately to get the IRS back taxes help you need.  Of course the option to file the necessary returns by yourself is available, but the procedures are complicated.  Errors can slow the process and lessen the chances of obtaining tax debt relief.  In many cases, taxpayers have missed their opportunity for tax relief by being intimidated into accepting a tax debt payment program they cannot afford. To protect yourself it is best to hire the best IRS back taxes help available in Florida.

Not having filed any returns for several years, the tax professionals you select will prepare all your returns.  They will ensure all valid tax deductions are correctly included to reduce your tax liability. This is one great advantage of asking help from tax pros. Without their expert advice you might not be aware of these deductions. You could end up paying more than you should.

If you have already filed your tax returns but want to amend your information, the tax professional you hire will review the returns for accuracy and check for deductions you may have missed.  Amending tax returns entails extensive paperwork and reprocessing.  The amended returns which require much supporting documents must be accurate.  If errors are found, you run the risk of being subjected to IRS audit.  What a Florida tax attorney and staff of CPA’s would first review is a complete copy of the original tax return submitted to the IRS.  They would compare the original filing with the documents they have prepared.  After reviewing your tax situation, they would be able to advise you if it is wise to file an amendment or not.

Florida tax attorneys who are specialists in tax debt relief will also be able to give you advice on what IRS tax debt relief program best fits your financial and tax situation. They could suggest an IRS Installment Agreement, an IRS Partial Payment Installment Agreement, or an Offer in Compromise. They may also suggest other IRS programs such as “Currently Not Collectible”, or “Personal Hardship”.  They may recommend you to file for bankruptcy depending on your financial condition.  However, please note outstanding IRS tax debt cannot be included in a bankruptcy case. Your Florida tax attorney can determine the right course of action for you to finally resolve your IRS tax debt problems.

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