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IRS assessments are fixed and based on the tax return that you file.  If you do not file a tax return the IRS can come up with a calculation of what your liability might be and send you a notice of proposed assessment. At times, the IRS will even file a return on your behalf estimating your tax amount due which can be inaccurate. If you have not filed returns for a few years (or even several years), you can reduce and even eliminate the proposed assessment by the IRS by filing your back IRS tax returns.

If you have failed to file tax returns for a number of years, you will be delighted to hear that the government grants debt relief to citizens in your situation. IRS back-tax relief refers to tax breaks or write-offs that may decrease the amount of tax due from an individual or corporate taxpayer, or entitle the taxpayer to certain concessions. Tax debt relief is usually given to individuals or businesses that need financial breaks as long as they are able to comply with specific IRS financial and special requirements.

The IRS website can provide you with all the necessary information and forms that you need in filing returns for past years.  If you cannot find your copy of the last tax return that you filed or if you do not have your copies of other documents that are pertinent when filing back taxes, you can request copies of those documents from the IRS free of charge. Filing back taxes may be as easy as 1-2-3 for tax attorneys but not to ordinary individuals with very limited knowledge on the process.

If based on your own computation you stand to pay the IRS a large amount in back taxes, penalties and interest, you should consider using the services of IRS back-tax relief in Connecticut.  These tax attorneys can give you the best advice on how to obtain the tax relief program that is best for you. The right program will make paying off your tax debt manageable.

All your tax records are kept confidential. Our team of Connecticut tax attorneys will represent you in dealings with the IRS. You can trust your tax expert’s experience in negotiating with the IRS to bring about a fair and affordable resolution to your tax debt problems. IRS back-tax relief is a service that should be considered and is worth the cost.

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