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What Instant Tax Solutions California Can Do for IRS Back Taxes Concerns

Perhaps you have failed to file your taxes during the last several years.  Now you are ready to file and pay whatever tax is due.  The following California tax help describes what you need to do to accomplish your intention.

Retrieve and compile all past tax documents

The first step for you to do is to gather copies of your past tax reporting documents, i.e. W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. for the years that you failed to file your tax returns. If you are unable to locate copies of some tax reporting documents, you can request copies from the Internal Revenue Service without having to pay anything.

Prepare the tax returns

If you choose to venture into preparing your tax returns yourself, there are two important factors that are needed to make it possible for you to accomplish this serious task properly. First, be certain you have an appropriate tax software program that is reliable and convenient to use.  Second, be certain you make time in your schedule to fully focus on completing the returns accurately.  Plan on two to three hours to finish one return. Schedule and block off the time you need to devote to this task.

File the tax returns

After preparing the past due tax returns and making sure all the required documents are included, you can now submit the late returns to the Internal Revenue Service.  Once submitted, be prepared to deal with the IRS directly to work out a tax relief payment plan if you are unable to pay your back taxes right away.

The process may sound simple; however if you are inexperienced in filing back taxes or have never dealt with the Internal Revenue Service before, hiring a professional tax attorney would be a wise move.  Tax help professionals offering tax relief services in California can handle the entire process.  Your tax attorney can prepare your tax returns, file the returns and deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service in negotiations. Requesting the services of a tax relief team of Federally Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and former IRS Agents, in cooperation with tax attorneys in California will give you access to good tax help advice regarding the most efficient and cost effective way to deal with your overdue IRS taxes.

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