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7 Ways to Avoid the Tax Relief Scams Out There

Unfortunately, there are plenty of tax relief firms that will quickly take your money (credit card over the phone).  Next, they’ll diligently pretend to be working hard on your case (when they are really busy selling their “services” to others).  Finally, you’ll be told that they in fact cannot help you or deliver the results they promised. When you demand a refund, they kindly remind you that it’s not part of their policy.

While there are many “tax relief wolves” ready to take advantage of your situation, there are also several tax relief companies that are here only to help. Whether you accept our help or work with another tax relief company, please make certain the firm you select meets all seven of the following criteria to avoid tax scams.

1) Outstanding BBB Record

Check the record of any tax relief firm with the Better Business Bureau. For example, you can see that our firm, Instant Tax Solutions, has an accredited “A” rating.

2) No Full Upfront Payment

If you call a firm and they ask for full payment up front, hang up the phone immediately because it’s most likely an IRS tax relief scam. Rest assured, when you first call one of our consultants, here at Instant Tax Solutions, they would never ask for your credit card or banking information. If we believe we can help you, we’ll send you a written agreement. It will include a flat fee only (no hidden costs). We also offer flexible payment plans for paying your fee. Call 1-888-366-1147 and we’ll prove it to you.

3) No Wizard of Oz Guarantees

Your situation is unique. Not everyone can qualify for IRS tax relief programs. Any tax firm that guarantees a specific outcome or acceptance into any tax relief program is just trying to sell you on their services and is a tax scam. The IRS warns taxpayers to beware of tax relief companies that claim to settle all tax debts for pennies on the dollar.

4) Not All Cases are Accepted

Any tax relief firm that says they accept any and all cases is out to take your money and should be considered one of many IRS tax debt relief scams. Not everybody can be helped. We don’t play that game here at Instant Tax Solutions…….when you call for your free consultation (1-888-366-1147), we will let you know how hopeful your specific situation may be. If we can’t help, we will tell you.

5) You’re Included in the Decision-Making Process

Avoid any firm that “takes charge” of your case. This isn’t like fixing your car. There are risks and consequences to how your case with the IRS is handled. At Instant Tax Solutions, we take the time to educate our clients about their specific taxpayer rights, the variety of tax relief programs they qualify for and the various ways we can negotiate on their behalf. This guiding process begins with your first free consultation: 1-888-366-1147

6) Full Financial Analysis with the First Consultation

Don’t get roped into a long process that only causes you unnecessary stress. In your first phone conversation with Instant Tax Solutions, your tax consultant will do a full financial analysis (at no charge).
Call 1-888-366-1147 to get started. No risk. No cost. No wait.

7) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Any firm that refuses to offer refunds is not to be trusted, in our opinion. We offer this guarantee for your peace of mind (and because thousands of happy clients assure us that you will be glad you stayed with the process).