How to Avoid a Tax Lien

By law the Internal Revenue Service is required to notify you in writing of their intent to place a lien on your property.  This is to afford an opportunity for you to settle your tax debt in time to avoid an IRS tax lien. Notices are sent to your last . . .

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What to Do During an Audit

If you are getting audited by the IRS, be certain your documents are complete and ready.  Answer the IRS directly and honestly if they ask questions.  Telling the truth will help your case.  Internal Revenue Service auditors are trained observers and can spot deception.

Dealing with the IRS can be . . .

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File Your Tax Return Properly to Avoid Audit

If you missed the cutoff date to submit your tax return from last year, you can still send it to the IRS now. According to Internal Revenue Service policy, taxpayers can submit late tax returns as long as there has been no IRS trouble or activity, i.e. no letter . . .

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Halting IRS Collection – Three Courses of Action

Outstanding tax debts can bring financial ruin.  Before the Internal Revenue Service begins the collection process, it is imperative to communicate with them.  Begin with filing for an extension of the deadline to give you time to research a solution.  An extension can allow 45 – 120 days to settle your . . .

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How to delay an IRS tax levy

Even though you have ignored several Internal Revenue Service tax levy notices, you may still have a few more days to respond to them and stop an IRS levy.  The IRS is required to send you a final notice before attaching your assets.  This notice must fully explain your unresolved . . .

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Standing up against an IRS audit

There are two options available when the IRS audit is complete and you have been assessed additional taxes, penalties and/or fines:

Accept the demands of the IRS and pay the tax debt in full.
Appeal the demands of the IRS in court.

Recently there have been thousands of taxpayers . . .

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How tax liens work

If you have an outstanding tax debt and have continually ignored payment to the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS can easily attach a tax lien against your property.  Even though you may owe only penalties and interest from a previous, unresolved tax debt, the use of a tax lien can . . .

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Why you owe the IRS

According to Internal Revenue Service records, thousands of taxpayers owe them money every year. These unresolved IRS tax debts come from people who filed their tax return and could not pay in full. The IRS also has a huge volume of work in pursuing taxpayers who have not filed tax . . .

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The advantage of having IRS tax relief for our tax debt

It could be years to recover what you have lost due to the actions of the internal Revenue Service pursuing your unresolved tax debt.  Ignoring notices from the Internal Revenue Service is one thing you should never do.  They can easily use their collection authority to freeze all your assets . . .

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