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If you are getting audited by the IRS, be certain your documents are complete and ready.  Answer the IRS directly and honestly if they ask questions.  Telling the truth will help your case.  Internal Revenue Service auditors are trained observers and can spot deception.

Dealing with the IRS can be stressful, especially during an audit.  Because of fear or lack of understanding, you can reveal unnecessary information the IRS may use to intimidate you.  If you are afraid to deal with an IRS auditor, it is best to obtain help from a tax expert.

Try to stay calm and quiet and wait for the Internal Revenue Service to ask you for something.  Never give out information or chat with the auditor while he is working.  Let the IRS do their job so they can finish faster.  The less time they spend the better.

Remember the Internal Revenue Service is trained to collect the full amount of taxes owed in addition to penalties and fines.  Their focus is not on your financial difficulties, but on what must be collected.  A taxpayer is often intimidated into accepting a tax amount and payment method they cannot afford, or they may miss an opportunity to qualify for tax relief.  Treat the IRS auditor with respect and cooperation.  If you are concerned about the process, contact a tax professional to work with the IRS on your behalf.

It is appropriate to offer something to drink or snack on, but anything else can be misconstrued as bribery.  There is no need to be afraid as long as your documents are in order and you have not willfully defrauded your tax return.

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