One of your most important responsibilities as a taxpayer is to pay your outstanding income tax debt. For many this is a financial improbability.  The looming threat of the IRS taking swift collection action is a harsh reality.

Too often taxpayers believe there are no alternatives left and they must face the IRS alone, accepting whatever decisions are made. This is incorrect.

You as a taxpayer have rights under Federal law that grant you certain considerations, but how do you know if you qualify?  To find out what you need to do and what tax debt relief is available to you, contact a tax attorney for a simple consultation.

Tax Relief Firms

Do your homework.  Research various tax relief firms to confirm:

  • Better Business Bureau Status
  • No Full Up-Front Payment Required
  • No Unrealistic Guarantees Offered
  • Not All Cases are Accepted (not all qualify)
  • Taxpayer is Included in the Decision-Making Process
  • Full Financial Analysis Offered with First Free Consultation
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Contacting a tax attorney is the safest beginning to resolving your tax debt problems.  Knowing where to start and what tax debt relief option you may qualify for thoroughly prepares you before any IRS contact is made. Your tax representative can then proceed with positive communication with the IRS, opening the door to favorable IRS consideration.

Delay is Costly

Evading the IRS is seldom successful.  Although it may take time (often years), the IRS has the capability to locate almost everyone.  With added penalties, fines and interest, your tax debt liability can increase to an overwhelming amount.

More severe IRS collection action may escalate to:

  • Wage Garnishment
  • Bank Account Levies
  • Property Liens
  • Seizure of Assets

Having a tax specialist in your corner can temporarily halt this process while you pursue an IRS tax debt relief plan.

Tax Debt Relief

A tax attorney will evaluate every aspect of your finances completely and accurately, and determine if you qualify for tax debt relief.  Tax professionals are knowledgeable of tax law and are skilled in IRS negotiation. You need not be intimidated by the IRS or pressured into an unreasonable fnancial solution.

A few of the IRS tax debt relief options offered include:

  • Debt reduction
  • Abatement of penalties and fines
  • Release of garnishments, levies and liens
  • IRS payment plans
  • IRS settlement agreements
  • Hardship cases
  • Filing original tax returns

Benefits of Professional Help

When consulting with a tax attorney, you will have a complete strategy worked out for you.  This is extremely important when seeking tax debt relief.  Your rights will be clearly outlined and you will be presented with a fair and affordable resolution for your tax debt problem.

If you have received IRS notices or threatening collection letters, it is best to consult with a qualified tax specialist prior to contacting the IRS.  Let a tax representative determine the next required step, and protect you from aggressive and intimidating IRS tactics.

Receiving sound professional tax relief advice will restore your financial freedom and peace of mind.