IRS tax assessments are based on the tax returns that you file.  If you did not file a tax return you will not escape IRS assessment since the IRS will come up with their calculation of your tax liability and even file a return on your behalf.  If you did not file any tax returns for a year or for the past years it is best that you file your back IRS tax returns rather than wait for IRS tax assessment which generally would be higher than actual because deductions you were entitled too will most likely not be included in IRS calculations.

To help taxpayers with unsettled IRS taxes to finally settle their debts with the IRS in full, the agency has tax relief programs in the form of tax breaks or write-offs that may decrease the amount of tax that a taxpayer owes the IRS or even totally eliminate the debt. If you desire to finally settle your tax debt but you are not financial capable at this point, qualifying for one of IRS’s tax debt relief programs will help you in your predicament.  The IRS provides taxpayers with pertinent information on their tax relief programs and how taxpayers can qualify for these programs.  It is however not easy to qualify for these programs since the IRS understandably has stringent requirements for strict compliance. If you do not have adequate knowledge on IRS guidelines and procedures and have limited knowledge of tax accounting like majority of taxpayers it is worthwhile seriously considering getting the help of tax specialists that offer tax relief services in Vermont.

These professional tax relief companies have CPAs in their staff who can prepare all your unfiled returns with all the deductions you are entitled to.  They have tax attorneys and federally enrolled agents who can thoroughly evaluate your total tax debt vis-a-vis your present personal and financial condition to zero in on their recommended tax debt relief strategy.  They can prepare all the required supporting documents for IRS evaluation and represent you before the IRS so you can qualify for a tax relief program and be IRS debt free again.

Last Updated  December 2, 2017

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