Tax Debt Relief in Nevada Can Bring Freedom

IRS debts of a few thousand dollars may be settled fully without the help of a tax professional.  If however you have not filed your IRS tax returns for a number of years and your total tax debt   exceeds $25,000, the services of a tax relief professional should be sought.  These tax experts can ensure the correct IRS forms are submitted, computations are accurate, and the right information is provided to gain a successful IRS tax debt settlement. Going through the process of tax debt settlement with the IRS is complicated and stressful.  Without the extensive knowledge of IRS regulations and the experienced negotiation skills of tax relief experts in Nevada, you can miss your opportunity for tax debt freedom.

Companies specializing in tax relief services in Nevada should have a team of Federally Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and former IRS Agents, connected with Nevada tax attorneys.  This professional tax team can accurately prepare all unfiled tax returns.  Your tax experts are current on IRS guidelines and will include all allowed deductions to reduce your tax liability.  If you prepare your tax returns yourself, you may pay more than is necessary.  In addition, you may miss the opportunity to negotiate for the waiver of penalties or reduction of accrued interest on your late returns.

Available Tax Debt Relief Solutions

By evaluating your tax liability and your present personal and financial state, these tax professionals specializing in tax law can offer the best advice for IRS tax debt relief.  Your tax expert can help to determine which tax relief program fits your qualifications.

  • They may recommend an IRS Installment Agreement.  This program allows you to pay your tax debts in affordable monthly installments until the balance is paid in full.
  • You may be able to qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC). With an OIC program, your tax professional will help you apply for a reduced amount of your tax debt.  In some cases, the entire debt can be forgiven.  The qualification process is long and difficult and usually requires the skill of a tax specialist.
    • Occasionally, filing for bankruptcy may be recommended.  Make certain this is your last option.  It has a direct effect on your credit for at least seven years.  To qualify for this action, your tax debt must be over thirty-six months old.

Tax experts can fully discuss the pros and cons of the various IRS tax relief programs with you.  Their expertise in IRS tax laws, guidelines and procedures equips them to successfully negotiate with the IRS to obtain the best tax debt relief program for you. Leave your tax problems to the experts and get results.

Last Updated  January 14, 2018

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